Late Summer, September.














...From the North, looking South...



...From the East, looking West...



...Ty with Steve's folks, Gramma & Grampa Doub...







The back (south) deck, October (2021).









Autumn Autumn dawn: SW from the deck towards the pond


Summer dawn: West, from the deck



Field Party Lights and Jupitor.




Ty and Ballard (Summer, `07).


The barn: Fall `21.




The north field, before the fence (4/06)


...fenced with Wyley at a gallop. (8/06)




...from Corral Dr.




Summer, from the kitchen/family room, across the north field (back down to Corral Dr.)...7:30a



Autumn (North, from Kitchen Stove)






The old NH house Cookstove with hearth and Barn timber mantle 2007).

...the `07 Christmas card.

Nov, 2007
...the New Hampshire cookstove gets installed. Heather stoning the hearth.

The mantle was cut from a 10"x10" beam from a 200 year old barn (note the hickory pins for the mortise/tennon).







Jan, 2006
...from top of drive and before it was ours...


After our stonework and plank siding....


Summer, 2010
...I created a Photoshop mockup of stonework, plank siding, and paint...(mouseover for shutters)







Early spring , from the kitchen/family room, across the north field (back down to Corral Dr.)...




Drum stage, 9am








Apr 30 , 2006
...from kitchen towards front field...before we moved in.


And the kitchen...before we moved in...


and by 2011...

...Moved & made the doorway smaller, raised & reshuffled all of the cabinets,...

...tiled the floor & back splash, redesigned the counters...including the raised counter...and installed granite tops, new appliances,
refitted stove for gas, removed the carpet (housewide), refinished the hardwood flooring throughtout, installed reclaimed 6" wide red oak flooring in the front-kitchen/family area,
installed Hunter Fans (housewide), installed TV connections,...


...had an efficient Heartstone fireplace insert installed... and that's what we've done, just in the kitchen.





...from the back deck: the barn at dawn.


...Clifton Day, Main St..
That's Trummer's with the porch and the Clifton Store's Texaco sign, just past the tracks



...School Day, 3rd Grade... going to the bus stop









1st Concert in the North Pasture / Concert Bowl



Dave Kelleher with Murdoch MacNeil at the FOH position


Row P, Seats 120, 122, 124, 126, and 128
Behind them: Row R, Seats 114 and 116



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