The Exaggerations have no soundman: The house mix is in the monitors and they "mix" themselves.
These songs were recorded straight from the PA to digital recorder, then assembled in Cubase to create Fade-ins & outs.
In addition, Michael Gauvreau or Andrew Jordan play Roland V-Drum (electric) kit with us, so that they get the same drive and intensity at any volume. What you hear, here, is what you g
The Exaggerations, Live with Jeff, 27-minute Sampler

My Life
Moon Dance
Tupelo Honey
How Sweet It Is
I’m a Believer
In My Life
Drift Away
Teddy Bear
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Ready for Love
God’s Radar
She’s Not There
Blue Grass Medley
On & On
You Are So Beautiful To Me
Billy Joel
Van Morrison
Elton John
Van Morrison
Marvin Gaye
The Monkees
The Beatles
Delbert McClinton
Elvis Presley
The Buckinghams
Bad Company
The Dixie Hummingbirds
The Zombies
Various Artists
Stephen Bishop
Joe Cocker
The Exaggerations, Live with Michelle, 14-minute Sampler

Black Horse and Cherry Tree
I Feel Lucky
Bus Stop
My Life
Fly Me to the Moon
Some Days You Gotta Dance

KT Tunstall
Michael Buble'
Elton John
Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Hollies
Billy Joel
Stevie Nicks
Frank Sinatra
Looking Glass
The Dixie Chicks

With both Michelle Dupwe & Jeff Watson,

they become The AWESOME Exaggerations



Live at other places...
I Run To You (live: Michelle & Steve /lead vox)
Come Away With Me (live, Wedding First Dance: Michelle /lead vox)
I Will Always Love You (live: Michelle /lead vox)
Wishing & Hoping (live: Michelle /lead vox)
On and On (live: Steve /lead vox;Toro Gamble/drums)
Ricky Don't Loose That Number (live: Ed/lead vox)

Bluegrass Medley (live: Steve /lead vox)
Superstar (live: Michelle /lead vox)
Tore Down (live: Jeff /lead vox)


Live at other places...
Use Me Up (live: Jeff /lead vox; Lisa Taylor /drums)
Layla (live: Eddie /lead vox)
Amos Moses (live: Steve /lead vox)
The Lady is a Tramp (live: Steve /lead vox)
Twisted (live: Steve /lead vox. $5 bill)
Change the World (live: Ed /lead vox)

Exaggerations w/ Jeff Watson song list .PDF
The AWESOME Exaggerations song list .PDF