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These friends have pulled powerful forces together and the vocal and instrumental power grow almost exponentially. All four are lead vocalists, and each brings his broad repertoire. Together they can play any genre: R&B, C&W, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Funk, Standards...they're all over the road...

All of this is done with great attention to the mix, tone, and volume...a sort of  "acoustic" approach that features great playing, feel, and outstanding vocals...even with the addition of drums when the occasion calls for it.

                                                                                   ...It's a great vibe and their fun is infectious

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*Jeff Watson
Vocals, Harmonica
Steve Hudson
Vocals, Guitars,
Ed Lambert
Vocals, Piano & Organ
*Michelle Dupwe
Vocals, percussion
*Sorry, but it's always Steve & Ed with either Jeff or Michelle, when the Exaggerations are merely Fabulous.
However, when it's Jeff and Michelle with Steve & Eddie, that's when they become Awesome
It was 2 weeks before high school graduation when Jeff Watson (Vocals/Harmonicas) signed his first  recording contract with Capitol Records and moved to New York. The recording received critical acclaim from both Billboard and Variety Magazine and Jeff was honored by Cash Box Magazine as a Featured New Artist.  While in New York, Jeff also signed contracts with Sceptre and Columbia.

Since then, he has stacked his career accomplishments to such a height that he has  secured himself a place as a member of this region's musical elite. Jeff's deeply soulful and "always-on" vocals have blessed the ears of those at the  Washington Opera Society, The New York Town Hall, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the National Symphony Orchestra. Jeff has shared the stage or opened for many national acts including the talents of the Miles Davis Group, Elvin Jones, JR. Walker, The Band, The Georgia Satellites, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Tina Turner, Huey Lewis and many more. He is a welcomed guest singer alongside such local talent as Mary Ann Redmond, Junior Cline, Al Williams, The Excentrics, and The October Skies Project . Jeff also has recording credits with some of these ensembles and with many other local and regional acts.

 In addition to the club and concert circuit with The Exaggerations and Downtown,  his charismatic stage presence and star quality vocals afforded him the opportunity to go international and perform solo concerts in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. He has continually offered his service to raise money for charities such as March of Dimes, Sunshine Foundation, and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Jeff's natural groove and talent are second, only, 
to his joy of singing.

That's his instrument, and he came to play.

Steve Hudson (Guitars/Vocals) has carved himself into the funnybones of America as a blackbelt musician who has achieved a high degree of comic consciousness: he demonstrates just how dangerous a guitar and piano can be in the right hands. 

Formerly based in Los Angeles, Steve headlined popular West Coast and national comedy venues, plus hundreds of College concerts, but his deft ability to mix comedy and music has made him a smash opener for Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, and Rodney Dangerfield...God bless `im . He brings to the stage his genuine enthusiasm, smart & original comedy, and a serious musical ability that gives his performances an amazing 3-dimensionality.

Prior to being an admitted comedian, Steve was a much-requested studio & stage musician, versed in a variety of musical genre: Classical to Jazz, Rock to Ragtime, Wagon Train to Soul Train. He's played pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, organ, synths, trombones, dollar bills, but he's most at home on electric & acoustic guitars.  His broad versatility, clear sense of instrument voicing, and the rhythms of ensemble performance, allow him to play with a  fullness uncommon to acoustic solo acts. This still pays off when The Exaggerations perform as a trio. 

As music-writer and producer, he has been involved in recording projects as varied as scoring & narrating a collection of Children's stories by author, Celeste White, to his own highly regarded, comedic music album, Pick of the Litter and Xing, and his ability is as natural and as beautifully timed as his comedy. 

Steve has now brought his cerebral juggling act home to his native East Coast, just outside Washington, DC....and he hasn't traveled all this way with his eyes closed either. 

Steve Hudson sticks his hands into the little cracks of life, pulls out the funny stuff, and creates a very digable art.

Ed Lambert (Keyboards/Vocals) was born to Gypsys, but raised by wolves, and shouldn't be out later than midnight according to the mythic lore, has a broad musical past including stints with The Brandy Stills Band, Lambert & Gaylor, The Road Camp 27 Men's Chorus and probably more, but the rest is under seal by the Grand Jury.

When we learn more about Ed,
we'll include it here.
But, for now, he shows up for work on time,
clean, ready to play and, so far,
nothing has been stolen.

Hey! This just in: Turns out he was playing in Liberty, which opened for ZZ Top, Country Joe and the Fish, and Osibisa a longggggg time ago... , produced a 3-day "Woodstock" type event in the late 70's at our lovely Manassas Fair Grounds with a lot of local talent and head lined by the NY Dolls.. and a gal had a baby at the event. A few more probably got pregnant too!! Then spent 6 years in Texas playing with some "good ole' boys" with a twang in the early 80's.. Besides Brandy Stills, and Lambert and Gaylor there was Sweet Dixie, South Bound, Flyer, and a couple others that have restraining, legal agreements never to mention again.

He enjoys writing as much as performing and is currently working on doing more of that...

...if it weren't for that darn curse.

I guess that if you're looking for a straight answer,
it ain't gonna be here.

Michelle Dupwe (Noisemakers/Vocals) is as natural, humorous, and engaging in front of thousands as if she were only in a roomful of friends.

A studio singer in Nashville & NYC, since 1995 she has been singing and fronting the popular, country & classic rock Brandy Stills Band.

She was a perfect fit from the first time she sat in with The Exaggerations, with a profound love of all kinds of music, a gift for finding harmony, and a knack for having a sincerely good time.

She shares the ability to slip into the background for harmony vocals, but when she steps up to sing lead...she takes us all with her.

a tune or two..

Steve Hudson
Guitars, Organ & Piano, Vocals
or  703.216.1248

Ed Lambert
Organ & Piano, Vocals

Jeff  Watson
Vocals, Harmonica

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